Tips and tricks to get rid of nasty drain issues

One of the most common reasons why you may rush to call the plumber is a blocked drain. However there could be a time when your plumber might not be able to attend your call immediately and you might be left to solve the issue on your own. Sometimes you might be able to clear it on your own as well. Make sure to keep the following advice in mind in order to ensure smooth flow in little time.


Identifying blocked drains

The first thing that you would notice is a foul smell. It is unusual and you might think that someone may have just forgot to flush. However despite doing so the smell will persist and their might also be a problem of overflow. Watching water spill back up can be overwhelming,  but you don’t need to worry because it is something which can be managed without a great deal of issue.

You can also expect gurgling sounds of water pooling and pushing against the pipe and a slow draining sink while you are taking a shower or if the water is pooling longer than expected is an indication of a blocked drain. The problem might get worse or the blockage may grow larger if you do not start to manage it as soon as you notice it.


Unblocking drains-what causes blocked drains

There could be several reasons of a blocked drain and it is common for people to make mistakes. Sometimes everyday use can also result in a blocked drain however common causes could be the reception of the main switch system it could be either due to the tree roots growing until the pipe is breached and results in a blockage.

Sometimes people throw their toiletries into the drain such as nappies or baby wipes which can lead to a complete blockage. All such products must not be flushed down the toilet but should  be disposed of properly.

Children might also throw foreign objects down the flush for example their toys or any other items that the play with resulting in a blocked drain. When it comes to pouring down cooking oils into the kitchen sink it might not flow freely and would come together along with the food debris and cause a blocked drain. Food scraps thrown into the sink also cause a problem especially coffee grounds. If the water has a lot of mineral it could be to a Calcium build up in the pipe which might lead the pipe to become constricted. Although it might not be big enough to cause blockage but it might still allow a blocked  drain to form.

You can try to get rid of the blockage by clearing it out with the help of boiling water. However you should also make sure that it should not be hot enough to burst the pipe. Simply put a kettle over the fire and pour it down  the drain as soon as it starts getting H

hot. You can also use natural cleaners like baking soda which can help break the drainage apart and then pour hot water over it so that it can clear up the mixture. You can also make use of the cleaners which are available. Using a plunger is also a good option but if all of these above methods fail than you might need to call in the services of a professional to help unblock the drains in your home. However, for best results, call Gold Coast Plumbing Services.


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