What Is a Tree Arborist?

A tree arborist is a professional who specialises in the care of trees. A tree arborist is certified and has at least three years of experience working in the tree care industry. A certified arborist also has taken and passed an exam covering several aspects of arboriculture. They have the tools, techniques, and training to ensure that trees are cared for properly and safely.


Tree arborists in the Gold Coast must be trained in safety procedures and knowledge to perform their work safely. They use a variety of dangerous tools and are often at great heights. In addition, arborists are exposed to poisonous plants and animals, and should be aware of their surroundings. An arborist’s training should include safety measures, first aid, and protocols for working around power lines and other hazards.

The certification is given by organisations like the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). This credential proves that a tree arborist has achieved a high level of expertise in the field. An ISA-certified arborist has passed a thorough exam developed by the nation’s leading experts in the field.


Tree arborists in the Gold Coast must use proper tools and techniques to complete the job safely and efficiently. Incorrect tools or techniques can lead to disaster, or make the job more difficult. Modern techniques have come a long way since the days when tree climbers climbed by hand. Today, arborists use harnesses, pulleys, and ascenders to reach and prune trees safely.

Tree arborists’ work may include conducting formal risk assessments and examining trees for health and safety. They observe trees from different angles to spot defects and assess the potential risk of failure. They may also need to prune trees for aesthetic purposes or to keep them away from wires. In some cases, a tree arborist may be called in to perform crown reduction, which involves cutting off a portion of a tree’s crown and removing it. The timing and methods of treatment depend on the species of tree. Book a Gold Coast arborist company that has a lot of different techniques in their arsenal.


In order to successfully work with trees, a tree arborist needs the right tools to do the job. This includes protective clothing, a helmet, gloves, hearing protection, and a protective covering for the chainsaw. Tree arborists also use a work harness to avoid injury, and they are always aware of overhead power lines and gas lines.

Among the tools needed for tree work are pole pruners and ladders. These are necessary for tree trimming and tree removal. A tree shear is a tool that is particularly useful when cutting small trees or evergreens.


Gold Coast tree arborists who are ISA Certified have the knowledge and skills to care for trees safely. This certification is voluntary and is administered by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Tree arborists who hold this certification show commitment to their profession. ISA is the leading organisation for arborists and provides education and networking opportunities for members.

In addition to certification, arborists should carry the proper equipment needed for the job, including chainsaws, wood chippers, and hydraulic booms. Arborists should also be insured for workers’ compensation and property damage. They should also have all the necessary licences and permits. Some governmental agencies require contractors to have these licences. Make sure you ask about these credentials from the arborist you choose.


Tree arborists are responsible for preserving the health and beauty of trees and shrubs. They assess the health and condition of trees, make recommendations for proper care, and advise people about planting trees. The job requires physical fitness and comfort with heights. The annual salary for an arborist is $50,000 to $60,000, depending on the area of practice.

Tree arborists work throughout the Gold Coast and all over the Uk at large, although the demand for these workers is greatest in warmer climates. Most of their time is spent outdoors, working in all kinds of weather. Moreover, they may be exposed to contaminants such as pesticides and dangerous equipment like power saws. Because of this, arborists must wear protective gear while working.


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